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Guard Dog Tactical Flashlight Review: Is It Any Good?


Tactical flashlights are no doubt a must-have for everyone. The problem is finding the model that meets your every expectation.

If you’re shopping around for a portable light source, we’ve got you covered with this Guard Dog Tactical Flashlight review.

We’ll talk about its key features like light output, durable aluminum construction, and a built-in rechargeable battery.

After reading, you should be able to navigate the buying process with more confidence.

Guard Dog Tactical Flashlight Review

Guard Dog Security is one of the more recognizable names in personal defense.

It has been making pepper sprays, stun guns, bulletproof backpacks, and self-defense weapons and accessories since 2009.

The Reflex Tactical Flashlight is one of the brand’s more popular tactical gear solutions today.

It is a mid-tier offering from Guard Dog Security’s wide selection of portable LED lights.

Who Is This Product For?

The Guard Dog Security Reflex Tactical Flashlight can do what regular flashlights could not.

It is designed not only for home use but for tactical situations and outdoor environments.

This model has three LED colors, making it the perfect illumination for night-adjusted vision.

Police officers and rescuers will find the 600 lumens of light very helpful during nighttime operations.

It can help light up dark corners, poorly-lit alleys, and similar environments.

The swivel head and magnetic tail cap will also come in handy when looking under the hood of the car.

This product will make a great addition to your tactical gear, tactical backpack, or everyday carry.

What’s Included?

Each Reflex Tactical Flashlight product package comes complete with everything you need in a portable light source.

The package includes one flashlight, a rechargeable battery, a battery charger, and a magnetic tail cap.

The red and green LED bulb colors are already integrated into the lighting system.

There is no nylon holster, but it comes with a clip for your belt or pocket.

Like other Guard Dog Security products, this tactical torch is covered by an industry-leading lifetime warranty.

If you are not satisfied for some reason, simply visit the Guard Dog Security website and submit a warranty claim.

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Overview of the Features

The Guard Dog Security Reflex Tactical Flashlight has all the features people expect from a high-lumen flashlight.

Let’s take a closer look at each one in this part of the Guard Dog Tactical Flashlight review.

  • Bright Light Source

The Reflex Tactical Torch is not the brightest flashlight in the market. Nevertheless, it can hold its own against most other top brands.

It is a 600-lumen flashlight, which is more than good enough for most indoor and outdoor applications.

It also has a maximum beam distance of 700 feet, so you can use it when camping, trekking, or night hunting.

Moreover, it is a good light source for tactical tasks, rescue operations, and similar situations.

While it is not as bright as high-end, 2,900-lumen flashlights, it makes up for this with its other features.

  • Multiple Light Settings

Aside from being a high-lumen light, the Reflex Tactical Flashlight is also a flexible light source.

It allows you to select from five different settings: Low, High, SOS, Red, and Green. There is a place and time for each light mode.

The Low setting maximizes the rechargeable battery and offers illuminations without giving away your position.

The High setting optimizes visibility at night for when you look under the hood of the car, for instance.

The green LED light is ideal for outdoor environments. Some animals do not see it, making the Reflex a great companion for night hunting.

In comparison, the red LED light is the perfect illumination if you have a night-adjusted vision device.

On top of all these applications, the different LED colors will come in handy during road emergencies, and you have to organize traffic.

With the Guard Dog Security Reflex Tactical Flashlight, there is no limit to what you can do.

  • Hands-Free Operation

Another feature that sets the Reflex Tactical Flashlight from other models is its swivel bezel.

It allows you to swing the head until it bends at an angle of 90 degrees with respect to the body.

You’ll find that this feature goes hand-in-hand with the magnetic tail cap. Together, these functions allow you to enjoy hands-free operation.

For instance, you can twist the bezel and set the flashlight under the hood of the car, leaving your hands free to work.

Reflex is the only one among all the Guard Dog Security tactical lights with this feature. It is something that is hard to find in other brands or models.

  • Durable Design

The Reflex Tactical Flashlight is built to withstand rough handling and tough surroundings.

It is made from high-quality aluminum, making the flashlight highly resistant to impacts.

Thanks to this, you can drop it accidentally or bump it on a hard surface, and it would still work.

Aside from being shockproof and drop-proof, the Reflex is also resistant to water. With a rating of IPX4, it can stand up to water splashes from all directions.

Its durable design is very important because it can double up as a legal self-defense weapon.

With the right technique, you can use it to strike at an attacker after disorienting them with bright light.

  • Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery

With the Guard Dog Security Reflex Tactical Flashlight, you won’t have to waste money on batteries for your flashlight again.

This model comes with a rechargeable battery and even includes the appropriate charger. Simply plug it into the wall when it runs out of juice.

You can expect up to 13 hours of bulb life on one full charge.

Compared to other models that use disposable batteries, the Reflex Tactical Flashlight offers a better alternative.

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  • Has multiple light modes
  • Offers hands-free operation
  • Has high light output
  • Runs on a rechargeable battery
  • Built with solid design
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty


  • Not submersible in water
  • A bit pricier than other models

How To Use the Guard Dog Tactical Flashlight

The Guard Dog Security Reflex has a lot of flashlight capabilities you would not see in other brands or models.

Nevertheless, it is fairly intuitive and easy to use.

To switch from flashlight to swivel light, simply twist the head to your preferred angle. You can bend it up to a maximum of 90 degrees.

Once you have the right configuration, you can then set it on a ferrous metal surface.

Check that the surface is level and clean so that the flashlight does not fall or tip over.

The Reflex Tactical Flashlight has only one button, and you can find it close to the head.

Use this button to cycle through the five modes, depending on what setting you need.

To bring the built-in bright LED flashlight to full power, connect it to the charger and into a power outlet.

Make sure you use the charger included in the package to protect the battery.


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You can use the Reflex Tactical Flashlight for self-defense purposes, like disorienting attackers.

However, if you want to take personal protection to the next level, try the Guard Dog Security Diablo 2.

It is a self-defense flashlight stun gun with high maximum voltage.

It also comes with a rechargeable battery, so you don’t have to worry about buying replacements all the time.

The flashlight body is made from aircraft grade aluminum alloy, so you can count on its durability.

It can provide up to 320 lumens of light, lower than the Reflex. Still, it uses an enhanced aluminum reflector system that optimizes the light output.

The Verdict: A Tactical Gear Worth Every Penny

The Reflex Tactical Flashlight has the makings of a great portable light source. It has a unique hands-free feature and offers three LED colors.

Moreover, it has a high light output that law enforcers, rescuers, outdoors enthusiasts, and homeowners will all find useful.

It is a great option if you are in the market for a tactical flashlight.


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